IverGull is run by Fiacre Muller, a landscape photographer, amongst other things, currently based in Vancouver. Growing up in picturesque Kerry, Ireland, Fiacre developed a fascination with the landscape and this has served as a constant inspiration for his work. Much of his work is based in Cork and Kerry, particularly along the spectacular coastlines. He loves capturing the power of the Atlantic Ocean as well as the majesty of mountains. Fiacre also has a series of images of the stunning North Wales coast, and he hopes to expand his collection to include the Canadian Rockies. Fiacre uses the light to his advantage to capture the perfect shot and does not rely on digital manipulation to improve the images.

In addition to the Irish coast, Fiacre is also enchanted by lighthouses and he strives to convey both the power and the isolation of a lighthouse.

When he is not taking pictures, Fiacre works on other creative media projects. He is a qualified filmmaker and audio engineer, and he enjoys creating documentary films.

Fiacre lives with his fiancée, Vicky, who has no patience for him taking pictures every 10 feet when they are supposed to be enjoying a walk on the beach with their dog.